Route 66 Universe

Route 66 Univers for convenience and foodservice

We offer a complete range of burgers and hotdogs, along with all the components that make up a burger, including dressings, patties, and more - we have thought of everything.


Pre-made, frozen burgers and hotdogs that are ready to eat after thawing and heating.


Our products meet the criteria that are of utmost importance in the convenience and foodservice industry.


Quick preparation /less food waste - our products can be prepared in either a Merrychef oven or a conventional oven and kept ready for serving in a warming cabinet.


Consistent quality -consumers desire the same great taste and quality every time they purchase a burger or hotdog. Our burgers can be enhanced with lettuce or tomato, providing the same experience as a burger made from scratch.


Top-notch foodsafety and hygiene - our burgers and hotdogs are individually packaged in foil.


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Accessories for Making Burgers and Hotdogs from Scratch: delicious buns, flame-grilled beef patties, sous vide beef patties, homemade dressings, pickled red onions and cucumber salad, sides, and much more.


If food establishments want to make their burgers from scratch, they only need one supplier - we offer everything from the bread, patties, dressings, and accessories for both toppings and side dishes.


2 Pack cheeseburger


The latest addition to our Route 66 universe is the 2 Pack Cheeseburger.


This product has been highly requested by several of our partners, and we are delighted to fulfill yet another need.