Sometimes, it should be easy to prepare dinner

- without compromising on quality.

Our wide range of high-quality convenience products will be helpful in your everyday life, and together, we will generate more revenue for the end consumer in a busy world.

We aim to be your most innovative chosen partner.


We are constantly learning and incorporating new knowledge into our many products, which contribute to bringing about changes in the convenience market and making your store the top choice.


We are the most flexible partner you can choose. We listen, adjust, and explore possibilities together with you to create perfection.


We are your preferred manufacturer and personal developer. We are attentive and take pride in being fast and dynamic.


We deliver quality and exceptional service, and we deliver on time.


Together, we build relationships at every level for a good and successful collaboration.


A selection of our products

About us:

With over 30 years of experience in the food industry and recent years focused on convenience products, we have built a solid foundation for producing products for the convenience, Horeca, and retail markets both domestically and internationally.


We prioritize the careful handling of ingredients in the production of our products, ensuring the high quality that characterizes our offerings.


We work with you, not just for you. As a supplier, we are more than just a provider of meals. We are your professional collaborative partner when it comes to innovation and delivery of convenience products. We go the extra mile to assist our customers, support their business, and foster its growth.


Our history:

Our journey began when we were in search of a burger that could meet the requirements for convenience on the go, but we couldn't find one.


We started by developing our own brioche bun, which, along with a high-quality beef patty, homemade dressings, pickled red onions, and cucumbers, formed the foundation for a convenient on-the-go burger. Everything came together perfectly, and the BEST Burger was created.


The interest in our Convenience 2Go products, especially burgers and hotdogs, has been growing.That's why we decided to become a total supplier in the burger and hotdog segment and developed the ROUTE 66 UNIVERS concept. You can find more information in the Route 66 brochure.


Today, customers both domestically and internationally enjoy our Route 66 BEST Burgers and Hotdogs.

Sustainability and food safety:

Food safety equals self-control and meticulousness, which come as naturally to us as using our vast experience, common sense, and forward-thinking to anticipate any challenges. Quality is meant to be savored.

We are shaping the future with sustainable meal solutions for people on the go. We have embarked on a sustainable journey, bringing our partners and suppliers along with us.


We proudly source all our energy from wind power, leading to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.


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