Food Cups

Food Cups

- The Next Generation of Convenient Ready Meals


Introducing our latest innovation in the world of convenience food: Food Cups. These specially designed cups offer a new way to enjoy delicious meals on the go.


With Food Cups, you can easily prepare your meal in a Merry Chef oven or a conventional oven, ensuring that your food is heated to perfection. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on a quick break, these cups provide a convenient solution for a hot and satisfying meal.


We proudly present our new concept, "The Hot Kitchen", which offers a range of flavorful and nutritious food cup options. From hearty soups and comforting stews to delectable pasta dishes and all mouthwatering dishes. our Food Cups are designed to satisfy your cravings and provide a convenient dining experience.


With the Hot2Go feature, you can enjoy your food cup directly from the packaging, eliminating the need for additional dishes or utensils. It's the ultimate solution for those seeking a quick, hot, and hassle-free meal.


Experience the future of convenience food with Food Cups - the perfect choice for individuals who appreciate quality, flavor, and convenience.